Las leyes nuevamente hechas en el Parlamento de Inglaterra este año de 1606 contra los católicos ingleses: An online critical edition

This is an online critical edition of Las leyes nuevamente hechas en el Parlamento de Inglaterra este año de M.DC.VI. contra los Católicos ingleses (1606), a Spanish abridged version of two Jacobean penal laws: "Act for the better discovery and repression of Popish Recusants" (3 Jac. I, iv) and "An Act to prevent and avoid Dangers which grow by Popish Recusants" (3 Jac. I, v), to which are appended three extracts from letters by Catholic priests exiled from England.

The source text is the manuscript held by the Biblioteca Histórica de Santa Cruz at the Universidad de Valladolid (Ref. MS 551, fols 211-216). It contains a copy of the printed pamphlet bearing the same title (USTC No. 5012990).

Follow the links on the side menu to read the edited text. It comes with a commentary and annotations, besides an English translation and digital reproductions from the original.


Coordinated by Berta Cano Echevarría and Anunciación Carrera de la Red.

Edited and annotated jointly by students of the Master in Advanced English Studies (Universidad de Valladolid / Universidad de Salamanca) for the module "The Age of Shakespeare and Cervantes" (2023-2024):

Adri Cerezo Menac

Hanan Aharchi

Alicia Fernández Viña

Ana Ferrero Cortes

Zuzanna Heinrich

Gloria Grande Almoguera

Andrea Ingelmo Pérez

Leila Marandi López

Silvia Lafuente Sangüesa

Imane Mrabet

Anastasiia Lozova

Cristina Pérez del Barrio

Javier Martín Cáceres

Yolanda Rama Cousillas

Miguel Martín Cáceres

Valeriia Yefymenko


Our special thanks are due to the Biblioteca Histórica de Santa Cruz of the University of Valladolid for permission to publish reproductions of MS 551, fols 211-216, in this site.

This educational project is supported by the Vicerrectorado de Innovación Docente y Transformación Digital, Universidad de Valladolid (PID Realia & Replica, 2023-2024).

The research behind the critical edition is funded by the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, Gobierno de España: MIST, Misiones y transmisiones: Intercambios entre la Península Ibérica y las Islas Británicas de la época moderna extensa (PID2020-113516GB-I00).