Spain with Tudor England, 1499-1603


Spain with Tudor England, 1499-1603

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Paolo Giovio's Regionum et insularum atque locorum descriptiones (1578). Pp. 76-77
The divorce of Henry VIII from Catherine of Aragon swerved the course of the Anglo-Spanish dynastic alliances. In this work, the papal historian Paolo Giovio, a contemporary, recounts the geography and history of England down to the Anglican schism.…

Relacion del suceso que tubo el principe de España Phelipe Segundo desde los 12 de Julio de 1554 que partio della a Inglaterra a se casar. Fol. 138r
A relación of the journey that Prince Philip of Spain took to England in 1554 to become husband of Mary Tudor and King of England and Ireland.

Carlos Coloma's Las guerras de los Estados Baxos (1635). Pp. 18-19
Pp. 18-19, on the Spanish Armada anchored off Calais on 27th July, 1588 and the English launching fireships against it.

Luis Cabrera de Córdoba's Filipe Segundo, rey de España (1619). Part I. Title page
For the Spaniards, the long reign of Queen Elizabeth turned out to be a source of humiliation and outrages. The persecution of Catholics, the promotion of rebellion in the Netherlands, the detention of their treasure ships, the fall of the Armada,…

Lucas Jansz Waghenaer's Speculum Nauticum (1591). Part 2: map 23. Thames
This first nautical atlas in history served perfectly the purposes of invasion or plundering of the enemy coasts that the respective armadas of Philip II and Elizabeth I held for decades. It offered the navigator everything he needed to know about…
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