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  • Collection: Spain with Tudor England, 1499-1603

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This first nautical atlas in history served perfectly the purposes of invasion or plundering of the enemy coasts that the respective armadas of Philip II and Elizabeth I held for decades. It offered the navigator everything he needed to know about…

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For the Spaniards, the long reign of Queen Elizabeth turned out to be a source of humiliation and outrages. The persecution of Catholics, the promotion of rebellion in the Netherlands, the detention of their treasure ships, the fall of the Armada,…

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Pp. 18-19, on the Spanish Armada anchored off Calais on 27th July, 1588 and the English launching fireships against it.

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The divorce of Henry VIII from Catherine of Aragon swerved the course of the Anglo-Spanish dynastic alliances. In this work, the papal historian Paolo Giovio, a contemporary, recounts the geography and history of England down to the Anglican schism.…
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