England in Castile to 1483


England in Castile to 1483


Sources from the Biblioteca Histórica de Santa Cruz, Valladolid, featuring the historico-cultural relations of Spain with England c.1491, the year in which the Colegio Mayor the Santa Cruz was completed. The marriage of Eleanor Plantagent to Alfonso VIII of Castile, the cult of Becket she promoted, the landing in Galicia of the Duke of Lancaster and his daughter Catherine, the controversy over the hierarchy of English and Castilian royal houses in the Council of Basilea, are signposted. Three documents (Anselm, Ockham, Sacrobosco) illustrate the early influence of English, Scottish, and Irish scholars in Castilian universities. The earliest cartographic representations that Spain would have known of the land and cities of the British Isles are also shown.


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Ptolemy's Geographicae enarrationis libri octo (1525). Map 29: Tabvla Nova Hiberniae, Angliae et Scotiae
The geography of the British Isles as it could be known to the first generation of college students. It is one of the 29 new tables with which the editio princeps of Ptolemy's Geographia (1477) was updated in 1522. The map shows Scotland, Ireland,…

A sermon on the martyrdom of St Thomas of Canterbury. Fol. 128r
An unknown sermon on the martyrdom of Thomas Becket, murdered by knights of Henry II, King England. The cult of the saint arrived in Castile through the daughter of the English monarch, Elaeonor Plantagenet, wife to Alfonso VIII and Queen Consort of…

Diego de Valera's Crónica de Hyspaña (1534). Fol. 92r
This chronicle on the ancient history of Spain and compendium of that of Castile down to the reign of King Juan II was commissioned by Isabella the Catholic. Fol. 92r (col. 2) reports the landing in Galicia of John of Gaunt with his troops. It was…

Fernán Pérez de Guzmán's Chronicle of John II of Castile (1517). Fol. [23v]
By the Treaty of Bayonne of 1388, Catherine of Lancaster became wife to Prince Henry, heir to the throne of Castile, and first Princess of Asturias in history. The later Queen Consort of Henry III of Castile and regent of the kingdom during the…

William of Ockham's Compendium errorum & Summaria (1494, 1495). Binding
This incunable, printed in Lyon in 1494, contains two works by the English Franciscan William of Ockham, written against the second Pope of Avignon John XXII. Still preserved in its contemporary binding (white tawed leather over wooden boards, with…
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